Freedom 4 Youth Announces Contract with Good Samaritan to Provide Culinary Services, Forms Partnership with Santa Barbara City College

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Freedom 4 Youth Announces Contract with Good Samaritan to Provide Culinary Services, Forms Partnership with Santa Barbara City College 

Santa Barbara, CA (May 5, 2023) – Freedom 4 Youth (F4Y) has announced that it has entered into a contract with Good Samaritan to provide food services through F4Y’s culinary arts social enterprise. F4Y’s culinary program provides training and employment opportunities for people who have been impacted by the criminal legal system, in addition to offering first-rate catering services for public and private events. 


In agreement with Good Samaritan, F4Y will provide 85 meals per day, 5 days per week to residents of Dignity Moves and Hedges Houses of Hope housing shelters. The F4Y culinary team is led by Culinary Director Jean Paul LuVanVi, and chefs Jordan Warren and Daniel Palma. Warren and Palma are both part of F4Y’s Lived Experience Executive Division (LEED). LEED is a governing body of the organization that is deeply engaged in strategic planning, mentorship, advocacy, and all culinary aspects of the organization. All LEED members are individuals who are formerly incarcerated and were involved in F4Y’s services at some point in their journey through the criminal legal system. 


In addition, Freedom 4 Youth has partnered with Santa Barbara City College’s School of Extended Learning to revamp their culinary arts classes and provide fresh meals for students, faculty, and staff on the Schott campus. As part of this partnership, F4Y will have access to the Schott Campus’ commercial teaching kitchen to run their culinary arts programming. Access to the commercial kitchen will enable F4Y to run culinary arts workshops & programs, operate catering & meal delivery services, and provide job training and placements for people who are impacted by the criminal legal system.


Said Chef Warren regarding the opportunity with F4Y: “Freedom 4 Youth has allowed me to reach my goals of being a chef who gives back to the community that needs it with love, hope, and compassion. They really inspire me to be who I am and influence my culinary creativity, and have given me the opportunity to work in a nurturing & positive environment.” Chef Palma reflected on his experience with F4Y, saying: “F4Y has helped me make drastic changes in my life and career choices. With these opportunities for growth, I have been able to become a part of the culinary side of the program as well as the LEED opportunity.”


“I’m thankful to always have an opportunity to continue to work and teach in the profession that I have so much passion and compassion for and the work that we do to help one another teach one another guide, one another, and to support our community,” commented Culinary Director LuVanVi. 


Already, the culinary team’s services have been met with glowing reviews from residents and private customers alike. The future is bright for the Freedom 4 Youth culinary program! 


Pictured from left to right: Chef Jordan Warren, Jeff Gaddess (Director of South County Programs, Good Samaritan), Laura Hill (Program Manager, Dignity Moves Santa Barbara), Culinary Director Jean Paul LuVanVi, Chef Daniel Palma.


For more information about Freedom 4 Youth and their catering services, please visit



Michael Kim 

Director of Development, Freedom 4 Youth 

(805) 708-1292

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