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Freedom4Youth mission to empower at-promise youth and build community through transformative education, self-realization & wellness programs, mentorship, and policy advocacy.


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From the Youth

“The Leadership Program has vastly improved my life, all positive changes I've had in the past 2 years I owe to Freedom4Youth! The confidence I gained got me to try new things which led to me finding what I want to do for the rest of my life; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The support I received from my peers in the program has been bar none also in keeping me motivated every day to be the best that I can be. It is like a second family.” – Yaskin, age 18

“I got a full time job thanks to Freedom4Youth... And now just watching my little girl grow... Thanks”
– Elias, age 18

“I’ve taken and passed three college classes so far. I got an A in Communications and a B in Physiology and a B in World Religions..and now I’m going to Sullivan University in Kentucky.. I’m going to get a degree in professional catering.. and the best news, my probation officer put in early release papers for me to get off! So everything is going so good. Thanks again Billi Jo and Freedom4Youth for everything you did.. I got an A on all speeches I did and I owe that to you. Don't stop what you do. You really help everyone out! Thanks again.” – Barry, age 17

From Los Prietos Boys Camp, Probation and Mental Health Staff

"Freedom4Youth effectively and consistently improves the self confidence and self esteem of the boys.  The boys I work with feel accepted, valued, heard, encouraged and inspired to broaden their vision for their futures and are more optimistic about the potential for success.  You can always identify a Freedom4Youth participant at a camp graduation by the strength of their presentation of their graduation speech.  They speak loud and clear to the gathered peers and adults and with more self assurance and self confidence than those who have not had the benefit of participating in the program.  They are empowered and they know it.  Freedom4Youth creates a safe and empowering place for the boys to open their hearts and grow."
Susannah Kaye, MFCC Retired from the Los Prietos Boys Camp

“Billi Jo, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the work you do with the boys.  I asked Mr. L to read me his poem last week and he left me speechless.  He read it with such sincerity and emotion that it was hard to believe it was coming from minor L.  It was clear that he had been in Freedom4Youth.  You  do amazing work with these boys and the confidence you instill in them is priceless.  Thank you for giving so much of your time and talents to help  the boys leave with so much more than they came in with.” Laurie Holbrook, Senior Deputy Probation Officer Los Prietos Boys Camp 


“This program is about more than public speaking – they actually teach the boys how to be human beings.” Jim Clark, Senior Deputy Probation Officer Los Prietos Boys Camp