Transformational Leadership & Education

Freedom 4 Youth facilitates weekly classes, workshops, and annual conferences focused on communication, leadership and giving back through sharing stories. Youth members learn to share personal stories, use creative expression, discuss culture and family, engage in public speaking, explore higher education options, and learn to listen and evaluate each other with respect for self and others. Freedom 4 Youth utilizes social emotional learning including self-realization, self-management, social awareness, healthy relationship skills, emotional & physical safety, mental health education grounded in trauma informed care and conscious decision making. Education curriculum includes poetry, college level reading, book discussions, A-G requirements, college applications, financial aid, scholarship applications. Freedom 4 Youth offers special events, field trips, college tours, and guest speakers. Freedom 4 Youth facilitates opportunities for members to give back and create opening in their lives for tolerance, diversity, empathy and change.


Youth who complete Freedom 4 Youth programming create a mutual support system and positive peer associations, build leadership and strengthen connection to their community through civic engagement opportunities. The outcome often reduces recidivism, reaping long-term rewards including successful completion of probation and pursuit of their college education, and opportunities to return as a Freedom 4 Youth mentor.